• CEDAR LEAF CANADA Inc. is founded on eco-friendly and sustainable business practices, our materials are sourced via 100% recycled cedar trimming and our products are manufactured locally in Monkland Ontario.
  • CEDAR LEAF CANADA INC. is a small manufacturer located in the Monkland, Ontario area. Producing high quality natural raw materials through steam distillation, we process and recycle mass amounts of cedar trimmings into reusable products such as essential oils, hydrosols, and extract.  Our 100% pure and natural materials are used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fragrance, and eco-friendly cleaning products. 
  • As a local Monkland company, we want to be green and create all natural products right from our own backyards. Our goal is manufacturing and supplying cedar leaf products, to help small to large companies with their demands of producing natural eco-friendly products. 


  • Hydrosols, sometimes called plant waters, are a relatively new creation that was discovered as a byproduct of essential oil distillation. Professional essential oil distillers discovered that the most pungent oils were made at very beginning of the distillation process, and that essential oils would be less aromatic as the process continued.  And while this isn't necessarily an issue with essential oils, which get distilled to such potent levels that they are still aromatic, it does matter if you want to make something that isn't as strong.
  • It's from this logic that hydrosols were created. They are, simply put, diluted essential oils, with most being made as byproduct from essential oil distillation. The best varieties come from precision, dedicated steaming which compounds the aroma but is still able to be diluted. From there, it can be bottled and safely used by people who cannot use full strength cedar essential oils.
  • In the case of cedar leaf hydrosol, also called thuja hydrosol, the final product is created using the same techniques as other essential oils, creating the diluted cedar hydrosol from the most pungent parts of the oil. Pure cedar leaf oil can be extremely potent and even dangerous if used incorrectly, buy the hydrosol is much weaker, making it perfect for people who can't enjoy the full strength of essential oils.

What Is Cedar Leaf Oil

  • Cedar Leaf essential oil comes from the leaves of Northern White Cedar Tree's.
  • The oil itself is clear to very pale yellow in colour.
  • This oil has historically been used to treat Colds, Sinus Conditions, and Allergies.
  • It is also commonly used as a natural Insect Repellent, though it should never be applied directly to the skin in an undiluted state.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil should not be confused with Cedar Wood Oil.
  • The two are very different in both scent and consistency.