Cedar Leaf Oil & Cedar Leaf Hydrosol Water!

Family Owned & Operated !

  • Cedar Leaf Oil & Cedar Leaf Hydrosol Water.
  • All Natural product thats collected and produced locally.
  • Distilled with steam naturally without any chemicals.
  • Produced locally here in Ontario.


New products are coming soon!


Cedar Leaf Oil -Sitz Baths

A sitz bath is a healing treatment where you immerse the lower part of your body below your waist into a tub of hot water, the aim here is to target your lower back for (pain,hemorrhoids,genital infection). only a few drops is required or as per tolerance.

Sun Burn Relief

To help heal sun burn wounds and uv damage naturally by using Cedar Leaf Hydrosol fine spray. Spray liberally amounts on to the sun burn areas for quick relief and recovery.

Foot Soak

Foot soaks can be relaxing and rejuvenating whenever you feel a bit tired or been on your feet for long periods at a time. In a small tub of reasonable hot water add  1/2  cup of Epson Salt and 1/2 cup of Cedar Leaf Hydrosol water, and soak your feet for 15 minutes. this particular good for corns on the feet, athlete's feet, foot and nail infections.

Hydrosol Sitz Baths

Add one to two cups of Cedar Leaf Hydrosol water to your bath, along with 3/4 cups of Epson Salts . Take this detoxifying bath once a week to relax, unwind and de-stress your mind, body and soul.

Green Cleaning -With Hydrosol

There's no need to use chemical and toxic products when you can use antibacterial, natural scented and powerful Cedar Leaf Hydrosol on a Microfiber Cloth and use it to wipe furniture,glassware, and counter tops, tubs, sinks, car dashes, that is safe. also safe with people with allergies. And you don't gloves to use this product.

For Pets - Hydrosol

Essential oils are toxic for many pets, especially cats, which tend to lick their fur and may ingest the oils. Cedar Leaf Hydrosol is more natural scent to pets, and repels for fleas, and treats infection's, and a natural spray for odor. Simple use a fine spray mister.