Free Cedar Trimming pick up Servicing Ottawa Area

Free Cedar Trimming pick up Servicing Ottawa Area

Family Owned & Operated !

CEDAR LEAF OIL  & CEDAR LEAF HYDROSOL WATER are produced by high quality natural raw materials through steam distillation, we process and recycle mass amounts of cedar trimmings  with out any chemicals, leaving it 100 % pure Essential oil & Hydrosol Water.

Free Cedar Leaf Hedge Pick Up !

Pure Cedar Leaf Hydrosol

Local produced with pure natural Steam

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Hydrosol by the Gallon.

Pure Hydrosol water.

we gather the pure Hydrosol at the

same time as producing essential oils

leaving the purest  of all which can

be used as an all in one cleaner.

Eye lens cleaner,window cleaner, and tubs and toilets

it truely is a all around cleaner that disinfects ,kills germs, and leaving that great cedar scent.