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CEDAR LEAF OIL  & CEDAR LEAF HYDROSOL WATER are produced by high quality natural raw materials through steam distillation, we process and recycle mass amounts of cedar trimmings  with out any chemicals, leaving it 100 % pure Essential oil & Hydrosol Water.


Cedar Leaf Oil/ Cedar Hydrosol

5 Ways to use Hydrosol

  • The Skin: for burns, rashes, acne, hives, cuts, blisters.
  • Your Animals: for abscesses, little wounds, itchy areas, and any skin issues
  • DIY Home Products: for cleaning counter tops, windows, glass, toilette's, tables, shower walls,  tile's , or Granite top, leaving a fresh scent,  eliminating germs , bacteria, and viruses behind.
  • Your Car: cleaning windows, dashboard, steering wheel and for aroma
  • House & Garden: can be a safe and effective way to keep spider mites or other nasty bugs away with out any harmful chemicals.


  • For Pet spray use Cedar Leaf Oil  with a few drops on a fresh dry bandana on the outer layer, or mix with a carrier oil (Organic  sunflower oil ) at a ratio of 50/50 for milder option.
  • You can also use Cedar Leaf Hydrosol water directly at full strength, which also works great and is non toxic and chemical free , as regular maintenance.
  • Cedar Leaf Hydrosol can also be sprayed on their bedding to keep the bugs away.
  • Since it's a natural smell and not synthetic your pets may enjoy the fresh smell of outdoors.


  • The toxicity of this oil can kill insects and keeps them away from households.
  • This is true for parasitic insects like mosquitoes, lice, ticks, fleas, bed bugs etc.
  • This oil can replace those costly synthetic chemicals in the mosquito and cockroach repellent sprays ( like Fumigants & Vaporizers etc )
  • For a milder Insect repellent, that is non toxic and chemical free, and safe on children with the same properties without the Toxicity, try Cedar Leaf Hydrosol at full strength.


  • Cedar Leaf Oil is great for acne .
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrom.
  • Skin Tags.
  • Emmenagogue
  • Colds & Flues, Sinus & Pain.
  • Gout


  • Diffusers are highly regarded by both aromatherapist and many health care practitioners, who consider the process one of the safest and most effective ways to disperse scent into the air witch can be absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil  is a great way to freshen up a room. Killing germs, bacteria, viruses  and it is not like synthetic brands with unwanted chemicals with the Ace Aroma Diffuser . IT may require to dilute with a carrier oil as you desire.
  • With the Ace Aroma Diffuser it's great for asthma, depression, chronic/acute pain, or other ailments, especially during cold & flue season.


  • Cedar Leaf Oil can be used to detour critters away from your home and garbage also, help keep the flies and bugs away.


Cedar Leaf Oil/Cedar Hydrosol


  • For linen or room spray simply use Cedar Leaf Hydrosol at full strength. It has the same properties as Cedar Leaf Oil except without the toxin.
  • Discourages  bedbugs, ticks, fleas , cockroaches and much more.
  • You can also use it to freshen up your furniture, or vehicle to keep the dust and germs away, leaving it  smelling fresh and clean.


  • Cedar Leaf Hydrosol at full strength is great for cleaning and disinfecting counter tops, floors, windows and furniture, with out the Syntetic chemicals and toxin free that other brand names may have.  It keeps the dust down as well as germs,  viruses,  and bacteria. As it leaves your windows streak free and your home smelling outdoor fresh every time.


  • Cedar Leaf Hydrosol makes a great plant and garden insecticide that won't harm your plants, and safe to use on all your gardening needs. 
  • It will keep the bugs away and keep the plants looking healthy.
  • For stronger solution simple use a cedar leaf oil mixture.


  • You can put 5 drops in boiling water with a towel wrapped over your head and inhale in the steam as desired.
  • You can also put 2 drops in the palm of your hands, rub together, and inhale as desired. " be sure to wash your hands good afterwards" prior to handling food.
  • Or simple use the Ace Aroma Diffuser with  Cedar Leaf Oil,  diluted with a carrier oil at a ratio of 50/50 to get you through the cold and flu season. 


  • You can put a few drops of Cedar Leaf Oil to your shampoo or conditioner to help keep your hair strong and healthy  or mix it with a carrier vegetable oil like sunflower. Use for your weekly hair maintenance.


  • Cedar Wood Oil is a great natural alternative  way to clean and protect your wood furniture,  and to bring your furniture to life with natural shine and protection using a naturally derived cedar wood oil.


We are willing to pick up your trimmings left behind. We travel approximately 100 km from Monkland. Simple just use the contact page to make arrangements.

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